Friday, January 8, 2016

Pizza Blog 1-8-15

Our pizza turned out really cool! It was really good and fun too make. When we were making the sauce and pouring it, it smelt REALLY BAD. It was really strong and red. On our pizza we put pepperoni. We were going to put pineapple on it, but we may have just ate it instead. I switched groups because my old one wanted to put green peppers and stuff on it! It turned out that our pizza looked better than there pizza. I think next time we should use white flour because i don't really like wheat. I am kind of lactose and tolerant but there was the perfect amount of cheese so it didn't hurt my stomach. So making pizza was really fun but and this is the very end of my blog.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tea Party 10-12-15

  The theme of our tea party was America. The guest was my Dad Shawn Evans. To prepare the food we made everything 1 day in advanced. I thought the sandwiches would get soggy because we put mayonnaise and mustard on them. But they didn't . I did the introductions by telling my dad who everyone name was at the table. We talked about our reactions to the tea and surfing, fishing, and the ocean. We laughed a lot because of Christian and Brendan. Brendan doesn't like mayonnaise and he gagged  a lot and made funny faces.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Garde Manger 9-28-15

    For food art (Garde manger) I made the island and the carrot as the palm tree! I didn't know that we had to share plates so then I put mine in the middle and we had flowers all around the tree with peppers and apples! Mine wasn't vary hard to make. All I had to do was skin the carrot, then cut into it like v's. For the leaves I just cut a peppers top of and made it into 4 leaves and out it on top. Then I cut a hole on the top of the carrot and put the pepper in the hole so it stood up. After that i got a tooth pick and put it together.

My crepes experience 9-28-15

    When we made the crepes it was the best experience out of all the dishes we prepared. We all got to do something with the crepes and I got to flip mine in the pan! When we were making our batter, I didn't know that the butter wasn't melted and it exploded in the microwave. Making the batter was fun. I got to mix and pour everything in and no one did because they don't know how? The crepes were like an omelet. But instead of digging we just let it sit then flip in the pan!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Honey Baked apples 9-21-15

The honey baked apples were a pretty good food and experience. Everyone liked the apples except for Lamar. Olivia brought ice cream for her group and decided to share. My group took advantage of this and ate A LOT! I didn't even get any... We were kinda confused about how much stuff you needed to mix like the cinnamon and honey. After that we put orange peel shavings on the Honey covered apples. The apples cooked by friction because they were covered with plastic wrap and we had to vent the plate so it would bake the apples. After a lot of apples I started to get sick of the apples. I was still pretty mad I didn't get any ice cream because I LOVE ICE CREAM! I think that this experience was better than my omelet

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My omelet experience! 9-15-15

    My experience with making my omelet wasn't the best.... First i didn't get a whole scoop of egg and water and it didn't cover the pan, then it turned into scrambled eggs. Once I finished those I had help to make another giant omelet and it looked so good! It had such good fillings, ham, peppers, and cheese. But then I found out that my omelet wasn't completely cooked so it tasted really watery and I kinda felt like puking. We didn't clean up fast enough and we needed other people to help because some people in my group didn't help do anything.

Monday, June 8, 2015

This is Me

Jacob Evans P.3                
This is Me
When I get home from school everyday, I feel like i’m free! I have no worries until the work begins. I walk the same as everyone else but still people think i’m weird. I just don't understand what I did wrong. Then I go to do my work. When I am done with that it’s my time to be me, and I can do my favorite things. I am the same as everyone else. I have my hobbies they have their hobbies. I feel like I must hide my hobbies because no one expects me to play them. I play a game that is kinda nerdy, but I feel that everyone should not hide their true feelings. So when I come home that day I do that  hobby, unless no one can play. I love sports. I feel that everyone should too, but I know that everyone is different and so are you.
I am kind of disappointed because I have to go back and forth between my moms and my dads house, but I am so happy because I still get to see them both. The easy thing about living close to the middle school is I am never stressed. I can just walk to school. Even though my parents may not live together they still live in the same estate. My mom lives in the mobile home park, and my dad also recently bought a house here as well so its very convenient. Another cool thing is my grandma also lives here too so if we are ever hurt or sick she has all the right stuff.
I feel that school can be torture but can also be the best thing of the day. It all depends what we learn or do like in english for example. Almost everyday or every week I end up learning something new like adverb or adjective or even a word, and for the rest of my life those things will help me forever. So I thank my teachers for everything that they have done to help me. I feel that my favorite periods are the ones that are the most active (e.g Physical education.) I enjoy this the most because I like doing different activities that you may not regularly do.
Anger is a bad thing. Anger can ruin your life. The way I can take out my anger is by doing what I do best, BASKETBALL. I can just try as hard as I can against people at the park and hopefully do really good. I wouldn't consider myself to be very good, so thats why I take out my anger on it so I can get better by trying harder.
In the beginning of the year when I am walking home that day I feel.. lonely. Everyday walking by myself then coming home to no one there until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m, it can get lonely. The only way I don't feel kinda lonely is if I go and play basketball, or I skype friends. Now when I walk home I am not that lonely because I have more friends because where I live now I have met everyone that lives here and they are in the same grade as me and I can talk and walk with them to school each day.
I wouldnt my friends do be the most popular or not weird because we are all different. I think that my friends are the best friends that I could have chosen or met because these friends have been with me for so long and they are the best and nicest friends. I don't feel like
I ever tell them because at school it would be kind of embarrassing to tell them infront of everyone in the whole school.