Thursday, January 29, 2015

A day off work equals happiness QRS 1-29-15

So what happened is the Giver was in pain sometimes and Jonas got the day of work off, and he wished everyone could see colors because he says that its not fair. Also at the end he was about to experience pain because he said he has not experienced it yet. If I had to give Jonas all of my memories I think that would suck. It would be very hard to remember everything that would be hard. What is the pain Jonas will experience?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No color is not for me The Giver QRS 1-28-15

So what happened in chapter 11 is Jonas had his first day and received some memories from The Giver.      Also he didn't know what pain he was going to experience in his training because the elder said he will experience pain that we can not imagine until The Giver showed him the memory of a sun burn. In chapter 12 Jonas began to have that thing again when you see a color then it disappears except he is seeing the color red and he asked the giver and he was about to show him a rainbow. Also he found out that there were more than just 3 colors and The Giver was about to show them to him. If I was colorblind that would suck I wouldn't know what anything is or what color they were. Will Jonas try to let everything that used to exist be back again?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A massage for free please QRS 1-27-15

So what happened is this was Jonas's First day as being the Receiver and he was very nervous and he saw the girl at the counter and she seemed very nice then he entered the room with the elder who was the Reviver a while ago and he was about to put the memory of snow into his head. I would love a free massage at least thats what it seemed like. Why did they say the training was going to be hard when its a massage?

Being alone for ever uhh no thanks 1-26-15 QRS

so what happened is Jonas was handed a list of the 8 things he can do and number 8.) was  You can lie.  Now Jonas was never told to lie or he will be chastised but now he is thinking should I take advantage of this or should I just forget about it this didn't really come to him until no. First of all I would never want to be given my job to me but if my job was to be alone the rest of my life I wouldn't have a life anymore no more play time or anything. What is the Reviver of memory and why is it so important?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Giver 1-22-15 QRS

A lot of things happened in these two chapters but I'm just going to go over the important things. So the ceremony of 12s happened and Asher and Jonas we're given there jobs. Asher got called up to the stage and got Assistant Director of Recreation. But the main that happened is Jonas was skipped in the calling and he was freaking out and wished he could hide behind he chair, but THEN he was called fourth and was given the most important job of the community, The Receiver of Memory!!! I am wondering what it so important about being a Receiver of Memory? If I was skipped in a big ceremony i would be freaking out and thinking to my self what was I skipped what did I do but then If I was called up specially and the end of the ceremony now that would scary but proud.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Giver 1-21-15 QRS

So what happened is Asher and Jonas talked about stories of people swimming or leaving the community and  joining another one, AND there was the big ceremony and Jonas was about to go up with there group and find out what job he will get. I would hate to have an assigned job I would rather be able to apply for a job like we can now. Whats the point of getting a jacket with buttons on the front then the back?

The Giver 1-20-15 QRS

So what happened is that Jonas worked some volunteer hours and bathed an old Woman named Larissa and they pretty much talked about the ceremony of releasing and Jonas asked her if she knew what releasing meant but she said only the community knew. I think washing an old person naked is not my top pick of volunteer hours but if I had too I would do it. Why do they have to take pills when they remember a dream?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Giver QRS (question, reaction, summary) 1-13-15

So chapter 3 is about Lily kinda of finding out what she likes to do and hoping she gets to be a birthmother or nurturer. Jonas and Asher at recreational time played catch with an apple to get Asher hand eye coordination up to standers but then he saw the apple instantly change then go back. When Gabe and Jonas had the same eyes it kinda made me think Lily was right about them too having the same birth mom. I am wondering what will Jonas have for a job and why.

The Giver QRS (question, reaction, summary) 1-12-15

So what happened in chapter 2 is Jonas was nervous because the ceremony of the 12s was gonna be soon and he didn't know what job him and his friend Asher were going to get because they don't really like anything unlike his dad who is a nurturer and spent all his free time helping and caring for the new born. I am wondering what being released means and if it means to kill them or let them live on there own outside of the community. When I read this chapter I reacted surprised that you got your job chosen for you at the age of 12 and your own bike at 9.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Arguments against Utopias 1-8-14

A lot of people think a utopia is impossible because people would rebel and demand a dystopia life, I would rather be in our world now than a utopia so we don't here the same things over and over again. Another argument is if food what free and someone takes it all then what it will eventually start a rebellion because there is not enough food and then they realize that if the food cost money there would still be food and a Utopia wouldn't have been the beast choice because people might start taking advantage of all these free things like free food and maybe even taxes, so in conclusion they're are a lot of arguments why there you shouldn't want to live in a utopia.

Utopia examples from history 1-7-15

A lot of people have been trying to remake Utopias, but only a few were successful like the one I read today in The Hancock shaker village, Massachusetts. The shaker developed there own religious expression which included communal living, productive labor, celibacy, pacifism, the equality of the sexes, and a ritual noted for its dancing and shaking. Another historical utopia is The Oneida Community. The founder of the community was John Humphreys Noyes. He believed in complex marriage which is instead marrying one person its a group. In 1874 there was only 270 members of this community.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Would I like to live in a Utopia? 1-6-15

If I had he chance to live in a utopia I would say no. It may seem like paradise but if everything is perfect what are you going to do? People would get so full of boredom they may not even want to live. Since there are no problems what will the news be, for example the news would be the same everyday because they are no problems. I think eventually people might start to rebel against this perfect world oh wait they is no government so how will they? My idea of a perfect world would be no homework, no war, and FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE. So overall I would not want to live in a Utopia because it would be very boring with nothing to do to have a point to live.